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Notary public fraudNotary Public Fraud

Quite often, immigrants seek immigration assistance by contracting with a notary public. Because the word for notary public in some languages implies that the individual is an attorney, some portray themselves as qualified to help immigrants obtain lawful status, or able to perform legal functions such as drafting wills or other legal documents when they are not authorized to do so. Many times, these fraudsters charge excessive fees for services that are never provided. At times, victims are so damaged by these con artists that they permanently lose out on important immigration opportunities.

In anticipation of a widespread increase in immigration scams triggered by the recent change in federal immigration policy granting Deferred Action status to immigrant youth, New York State adopted regulation aimed at protecting New Americans from unscrupulous individuals who use the notary public title to commit fraud and cheat people by posing as immigration professionals and attorneys.

The new regulation prohibits a notary public from advertising their services using foreign language terms that falsely represent or imply that the notary public is an attorney duly licensed, authorized to practice law, or authorized to provide immigration advice.

New State Regulations Help Crack Down on Notaries Public Fraud
New York State adopted new regulations for notaries public aimed at protecting the public from unscrupulous notaries who use their title to commit fraud and cheat people by posing as immigration professionals and attorneys.

Have a complaint against a licensed notary public?
File a complaint against a notary public if you have a problem with the licensed individual or you believe they are violating the law