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Tenant protectionTenant Protection

Rent-regulated tenants in New York State enjoy numerous rights, particularly with respect to rents, leases, and services. Visit New York State Homes and Community Renewal’s website to learn about how to access your apartment's rent history, limits on rent increases, overcharge refunds for rent-stabilized tenants, rent reductions for lack of services, and the rules governing lease renewals.

What apartments are covered by rent control?
The rent control program applies to residential buildings constructed before February, 1947 in municipalities that have not declared an end to the postwar rental housing emergency. There are several municipalities that still have rent control, including New York City, Albany, Erie, Nassau and Westchester counties. Courtesy of the New York State Department of Housing and Community Renewal.

The New York State Tenant's Rights Guide 
The Guide helps explains the laws that tenants and landlords need to know, on topics including: leases, rent payments, security deposits, repairs, tenant safety,  utilities, apartment brokers, and more. Courtesy of the New York State Attorney General’s office.

Governor Cuomo’s Tenant Protection Unit
In 2012, to proactively enforce the various rent regulation laws and codes, Governor Cuomo created the Tenant Protection Unit (TPU) within New York State Homes and Community Renewal. The TPU preserves affordable housing by detecting and curtailing patterns and practices of landlord fraud and harassment through audits, investigations, and impactful legal actions. To date, the TPU has recaptured over 36,000 apartments for rent-regulation which had been improperly deregulated, recovered over $1 million in overcharged rent for tenants, and achieved precedent-setting comprehensive legal settlements with several large owners of rent-regulated buildings.

Of note is the TPU’s first comprehensive settlement agreement, in which the Unit put an end to the harassment and intimidation of mainly Spanish-speaking and/or undocumented tenants in nearly 1,800 apartments within 49 buildings spanning Harlem, Washington Heights, Brooklyn and the South Bronx. The owner in this case was reportedly engaging in several illegal tactics intended to force rent-regulated tenants from their homes, including requiring tenants to prove their citizenship status by demanding their Social Security numbers and income information. The TPU has also reached a settlement protecting the rights of Caribbean-American tenants in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn and opened a comprehensive investigation into a large landlord accused of harassing long-term Chinese-American tenants in the Chinatown and the Lower East Side sections of Manhattan. Visit the Tenant Protection Unit website for more information about its work.